¶ Paddle to the Arctic

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Hard Cover edition – Printed in Canada.

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The original Hard Cover edition – Printed in Canada.
318 Pages

When Don Starkell decided to travel by kayak the 5,000 kilometers (3,000 miles) from Churchill, on the Hudson Bay coast, all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, on the western Arctic coast near Alaska, he knew it would be tough. He would paddle his kayak across the bitter seas, and when they froze he would drag the kayak by sled across the ice, all the way through the Northwest Passage.

He battled gales, capsizes, bitter cold, swarming mosquitoes, broken bones, starvation, and frostbite. He encountered Inuit camps, permanently smoking hills, surf-lashed cliffs, even an explorer’s sword. Companions fell by the way as he pursued his quest, with fate throwing new problems his way.

As he closes in on his destination, his supplies running out and his ocean highway freezing over, we are swept away by his heroic determination. This compelling book (with 24 pages of photos and 12 maps) makes armchair travel the ideal way to go.

4 reviews for ¶ Paddle to the Arctic

  1. Boots

    Although no one in our family intends to kayak in the arctic, we each found this book highly interesting especially for those who kayak as our family does. We wanted to read about people who kayak in the arctic and the challenges involved with it. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys kayaking.

  2. kathleen pszonka

    This is one crazy adventurer. Good photos. The paddler is now deceased and shows the spirit of the true adventurer,

  3. Susan Reuter

    I read Don Starkell’s first book, “Paddle to the Amazon” and it was amazing. So I had to read this, when I found out about it. What he had to go through was awful. I can’t imagine anyone paddling a canoe in that kind of cold because they wanted to.

  4. Nigel

    Another amazing trip from Don Starkell, this story is truly amazing, I found myself talking out loud as I read through some the episodes detailed in the book. I Would have loved it if Vicki had been given a chance to write a chapter or two, giving her perspective on things, I think she sounds like one tough lady. I am not sure if I would like Don Starkell if I met him, but personality issues aside you have to take your hat off to the man he is one driven adventurer. Both his books rank in my top ten of kayak adventure books.

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