Paddle To The Arctic

Paddle To The Arctic

Paddle to the Arctic:  The incredible story of a kayak quest across the roof of the world.
CAN – Hard Cover


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After his astounding 12,000-mile canoe trip from Winnipeg down to the Amazon (recounted in his bestseller Paddle to the Amazon on page 48), Don Starkell decided to paddle a kayak from Hudson Bay 3,000 miles through the Northwest Passage. This is Don's diary of this journey from Churchill, Manitoba, to Tuktoyaktuk, close to Alaska, a voyage by kayak (paddled on water or dragged on a sled over the ice) that took him three Arctic summers and almost cost him his life. Through this compelling book we find ourselves sharing his blazing, driving determination to reach his goal, as he closes in on his destination, with his supplies running out and his ocean highway freezing over, making death a near certainty. Armchair travel at its best.

5 reviews for Paddle To The Arctic

  1. Mike Parke

    Starkell stands out from the pack in the too-often dull genre of modern first-person adventure travel narratives. The format of brief diary narratives, an audacious goal, and Starkell’s unique blend of understatement, pigheadedness and sheer insanity makes this one a delight to experience vicariously, just as with “Paddle to the Amazon”. Just be glad you’re not physically there with him.

  2. I Like Viking Banjo Music

    An incredible kayak adventure saga
    One of the best kayak adventure books ever written. His determination and honest storytelling record both his accomplishments and mistakes connecting the reader to the adventure and land where it takes place. The beautiful and haunting descriptions of the arctic in all its wonder immerse the reader into this epic tale.

  3. Nigel

    A tough trip in anyones book, but especially in Don Starkells

    Another amazing trip from Don Starkell, this story is truly amazing, I found myself talking out loud as I read through some the episodes detailed in the book. I Would have loved it if Vicki had been given a chance to write a chapter or two, giving her perspective on things, I think she sounds like one tough lady. I am not sure if I would like Don Starkell if I met him, but personality issues aside you have to take your hat off to the man he is one driven adventurer. Both his books rank in my top ten of kayak adventure books.

  4. Boots

    A Truly Incredible Story
    Although no one in our family intends to kayak in the arctic, we each found this book highly interesting especially for those who kayak as our family does. We wanted to read about people who kayak in the arctic and the challenges involved with it. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys kayaking.

  5. Dave Royal

    After reading and throughly enjoying Paddle to the Amazon by Don Starkell, I purchased his second book, Paddle to the Arctic. As with his first book, I am totally entranced by the writer’s single-minded determination to accomplish his stated goal. His mental toughness is matched by his physical toughness, even though he was in his 50’s when attempting his Arctic voyage. I recommend both of Don Starkell’s books.

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A fabulous adventure story, complete with hardship, pain, and triumph.


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